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A proxy server is an application or an online service running on the network that facilitates the computer to request on its behalf. It is an intermediary between the client and a service where the client will be your computer and the service will be the website that you have requested to visit.

The most common reason to use the proxy server is to hide or change the IP address while visiting the website.

Proxy Server is not only used to access the blocked content on the Internet but also to control the Internet usage by children/employees. It can be configured for denying access to specific sites. It provides you with overall better network performance and is also used for keeping data away from unauthorized access, maintaining anonymity, and assessing the blocked content.

Here’s the top picked Best Proxy site for USA


  1. Type in and Hit Go.
  2. will open next and you can search your relevant searches which will show results based wholly on the USA search results/traffic.

Need alternatives? Webslush got’em all below……

ToolsBest forServersLocationsPrice
IPRoyalWeb scraping, social media automation, market research, and more190+ locationsStarts at $0.8 per GB
SmartproxySetting up proxies on Firefox and Chrome in just a few clicks.195 LocationsPay As You Go: Starts at $12.50
Micro: $80.00
Starter: $225.00
Regular: $400.00
Bright DataMaking data-driven business decisions2600+195 countries IP available.Free trial of 7-days, The price starts at $270/month.
HMAAnonymous browsing1100+ servers290+ locations7-day free trial. The price starts at $2.99/month
WhoerQuickly changing the IP address and unblocking the sites for free.20 countriesThe price starts at $3.90/ month
Hide.meFastest VPN and privacy protection.1900 Servers75The price starts at $4.99 per month
Oxylabs Proxy ServerInnovative proxy service that has capabilities for gathering data at scale.Proxies in every country & every city.The price for the solutions starts at $99/month.

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