Top Witty and humorous perv quotes for perverts

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What is pervert & Is it wrong to be pervert? Read here



a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.

pervert ; a person whose sexual behavior is considered strange and unpleasant by most people): for example – Stop looking down my dress, you perv.

are you Perv?
“Hello pervs, welcome to and in this post I’ve compiled over 10+ Best perv quotes which you can read through, laugh or share with friends. Drop a comment below if you loved the collection”
1. I don’t care what they say, the first guy who milked a cow and drank it was a massive pervert
2. People have this notion of me being this sweet, nice girl, but I’m kind of a pervert
Top 69 perv quotes for perverts
3. These rare senses and powers of reasoning were given to be used freely, but not audaciously, to discover, not to pervert the truth
Top 69 perv quotes for perverts
4. The lust, the momentary intoxication with ideas of sex, is the loophole through which the pervert climbs into the minds of ordinary men
Top 69 perv quotes for perverts
5. I may have a dirty mouth but I can do great things with it.
Perv quotes for perverts
6. Before he spoke of love, I got him tongue-tied on lust.
7. If you’re not a pervert, a robot you are.
8. Wine, Dine or Sixty Nine.
Perv quotes for perverts
9. Women are like iPhones, you have to touch them all over before they respond. Men are like Blackberries, rub one ball and everything moves.
10. I love you enough to never make you publicly explain my shockingly perverted online behavior.
11. I wonder why I always get a boner when I look into the mirror; because you d*** thinks you’re a pussy too.
Perv quotes for perverts
12. I wish if I could copy and paste you in my bed

Here I’ve compiled some of the famous saying from famous authors….

“Perversion is just another form of art. It’s like painting or drawing or sculpting. Except instead of paint, us perverts use sex as our medium. ”

― C.M. Stunich, Losing Me, Finding You

“The only difference between a saint and a pervert is Hypocrisy.”

― Amine The I

“The porn isn’t something interesting, you don’t have pleasure even to get pleasure it really sucks to have realationship so far most of them end very earlier. To watch porn is useless, what you do it is making pervert thoughts about stuff which are brutal and aren’t the way should it be made!”

― Deyth Banger

“Gil: Is your mind always in the gutter?

Zeetha: – asks the man with no pants.” (because probably men have their brains right there hahahaah :p

― Phil Foglio

You climbed into my window in the middle of the night. So, either you’re some kind of Vampire or some kind of Perv. Which is it?

— Kami Garcia

Remember, humor is subjective, and what may be funny to some may not be to others. These quotes are meant to be lighthearted and amusing, but it’s essential to be mindful of the context and the audience when sharing them. Enjoy the laughter!

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